Nevada PHEV Tax Credit: Nevada Electric Highway

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If you live in Nevada and are looking to save some money around the Henderson area, it’s worth checking out the Nevada EV tax credit. The Nevada electric vehicle tax incentive provides you with yet another reason to make the switch to a greener lifestyle by offering tax breaks and other incentives to purchase a plug-in-hybrid vehicle. Let’s take a closer look at the Nevada plug-in hybrid tax incentive with the experts at Hyundai of Las Vegas today! For more information, feel free to contact us anytime!



Nevada Plug-In Hybrid Tax Credit

The Nevada plug-in hybrid tax credit provides you with up to $7,500 in tax credits if you meet certain criteria. This allows you to purchase a Hyundai plug-in hybrid vehicle and take advantage of the Nevada Electric Highway tax incentive. So, if you’ve ever wanted to make the switch to a PHEV to save on fuel and create a better environment for everyone, now is your time to take the leap. The state of Nevada plans to introduce these tax incentives to improve efficiency, reduce emissions, and provide fuel savings to residents.

If you would like to install electric charging infrastructure at your home or commercial property, you could reap the benefits of a 30% tax credit. When installing a charging station at your residential property, you could be eligible for a rebate of up to $1,000. If you own a commercial property and install electric charging infrastructure, you could receive up to $30,000!

How to Qualify for the Infrastructure Grant

To qualify for the Nevada Electric Highway infrastructure grant, you must be the owner of the property in which you plan to host the charging station or have written consent from the owner, must have dedicated parking for electric vehicles, and the business must not charge electric vehicle owners for up to five years. If you are selected for the grant, you will receive the following charging stations:

  • Two (2) AC Level-2 charging ports (with J-1772 connectors)
  • One (1) DC “fast” charging station (with CHAdeMO & SAE combo).

This gives you an opportunity to not only take advantage of the Nevada plug-in hybrid tax incentive, but also help to increase the availability of charging stations statewide!

Check Out the Electric Vehicle Inventory at Hyundai of Las Vegas!

Now that you know more about the Nevada EV tax credit and the Nevada Electric Highway initiative, come stop by Hyundai of Las Vegas to check out our EV inventory available in Las Vegas! If you have any questions about the Nevada PHEV tax credit around North Las Vegas, be sure to meet with our finance center for more information. Also, remember to check out our website for more EV information around Paradise!


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